Horse Evolution and Brief History

Horses are very interesting creatures that have changed greatly over the years, going through many stages of evolution and changing from a wild animal to being used by many people around the world. In the beginning, all horses were wild, like zebras are today. They were hunted for their meat and their skin, used to make leather hides that were used for a variety of things. Horses were wild animals until around 4000 BC when people in Central Asia began to tame horses and use them to carry things. The Chinese were probably the first to tame horses for their personal use. The first horses were, however, too small to be ridden so they had to be bred to be bigger. Throughout the many years since horses have been discovered, they have evolved greatly. In the beginning, the original horses were small, multi-toed creatures. Gradually horses have evolved from this original horse into the powerful, one-toed creature that we know today. Over the years, horses gradually lost toes one by one, grew larger, and became more adapted to their surroundings. Getting tamed for personal use and going through many stages of evolution, horses are certainly very interesting creatures.

Horses have gone through many stages of evolution since the beginning, becoming much more adapted to their surroundings. The original horse, the Eohippus, is the smallest of all the evolution stages and is what started the horse evolution. The Eohippus, unlike today’s horses, had pads instead of hooves and had four toes on the front feet and three toes on the back feet. They lived about 50 to 55 million years ago and its size of about a small dog is no real comparison to the size of horses today. Eohippus then started to evolve through stages such as the Merrychippus and the Pliohippus until evolving into the Equus, the horse we know today. Going through each of the stages, the horse gradually started to change, losing toes, getting bigger, and growing hooves. It is really quite amazing how many changes the horse has gone through to become the majestic creature that it is today.  Since the beginning, horses have gone through many stages of evolution, becoming much more adapted to their surroundings and gradually becoming the horses that we know today.

Horse evolution

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